19 February 2009

Dermatology: Act 1

So. I met with my new dermatologist today. The plan goes as follows.
In March I'll go in. They'll take a biopsy from a nail bed, which ever happens to be the least healed.
Then, they'll send it off to pathology, see what they can.
If nothing definitive comes up, I'm getting referred to a 'Nail' Professor at UW, I guess the man specializes almost exclusively in nail disorders.

So, that's the plan. My pinky nail, this time on the right hand, is starting to come off. Just a little tug is all it takes. =(

I'll have to have this one removed toooooo.

No fun.

Blah. Major headache. I'm going to bed. And hopefully, I'll make it to school, and STAY THERE, at least one day this week.


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