15 December 2008

White Christmas

Not only is the song awesome, it looks like we might actually have a White Christmas here ourselves!

It's now 9:27 PM, and 30 degrees with snow on the ground and more on the way. School was two hours late today due to icy road conditions, and its probable that at least one more day of school this week will be affected by the weather. Not to mention the Seattle-ites who don't know what cold or snow is. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Yes, I miss the Minnesota and New York winters, where an inch of snow did not shut down the city.

But, this is life.

Here's those pics I promised:

Our pitiful snowman, about 2 ft total.

And, one of the few pics of me that I actually adore.

Taken by Tori at the Toy Run. I'll have to get some of the overheads she got, but all it looks like is a little boy took his matchbox cars and lined them up, row upon row. Approx 1,500 total cars, with each and every one bringing 1 or more toy. And the most amazing part is it all stays in area.
Toys for Tots, 2008 Toy Run. Yes ma'am I think I like that.

Alrighty folks, time for me to head off to bed.

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