12 December 2008

Somehow busy

The whole concept of posting seems to have escaped me.

And, I've been busy as well...

I was right about my grades, I have 3 C's and 3 A's. Which is very exciting.
I'm enjoying all my classes very very much.
I know what my schedule will be next semester:
1st-Health 1
2nd-Fresh English
3rd-Independent Study,Algebra
4th-Printmaking 1
6th-Study Skills

But, I realized something in the last couple of days, which my grades(and body) seem to support.
I missed two months of school, and yet I'm still on track with all my classes. What this means is not only am I doing all the daily assignments and homework that's currently being assigned, but I'm also turning in at least 1 makeup assignment in every class every day! And, I'm succeeding!
True proof that I have the capability I suppose. But, I have been pushing myself a bit too much, and have told my teachers I need to slow down, and that the makeup assignments might start slowing down until Christmas Break, just because I'm starting to struggle with this.

In the last 6 1/2 weeks, I've only had two attacks, those two at church.
But, I lost a nail from my left foot on Tuesday. Not surprised, not really, cause my nails have still been coming off, but it sucks because it seems everyone steps on it.
And, I was sick on Monday/Tuesday. Stomach thing. Fortunately I was able to keep my meds down, but it meant I had to lay low for a bit, just to be safe.
Other than that, just some stupid injuries, like slamming my shin into the stairs coming inside today.
Oh, but my arm is healing. Mrs. B says it looks good.
The only real issues I've had with it are that when I put a band aid from the school on it yesterday, I noticed that it itched really bad, so I took it off. I have like, small semi circle shaped rashes on my arm from the adhesive. Yet another one my body reacts to.

I wasn't able to go to church with Ms. E last night, but we did go shopping at "The Scary Store"
It was fun. And I got some gum and chocolate.
And on Tuesday night I went with Mom to Joann's to get the things for Cece's present.
Today Ash and I walked to the Library, yes walked.
It was also fun.
Then I went to the mall with a friend who lives in Oregon but was up for a visit, Didi.
We had a good time, just walking around and such.
I got Starbucks!! (nummy)

I've been on some crappy sort of roller coaster these last days...up and down, up and down pretty suddenly. It's actually frightening to a degree. But I know stress, and sleep have a lot to do with it. Unfortunately I can't blame it on my . If I could it wouldn't really be that big of an issue. But...IDK. I'll just chalk it up to being a teenager and get over it.

So. That's some updates for ya (Me?)

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