31 December 2008

My year retrospectivly

So, it's the last day of '08, and I believe this calls for a review of the year. I'll go by month to make things easier!

On the 3rd I got hypothermia due to having an attack outside and not being found for a while.
This happened while my parents were in NY for my aunts funeral.
On the 16th I was actually hospitalized due to the frequency of the attacks. I spent 4 days in the hospital. While I was there, doctors made the diagnoses of Conversion Disorder based on the absence of another condition, but an obvious problem. I was also told I would have to use a wheelchair for safety. And I turned 16!

I started school again! I had three classes at the building, AVID, English, and a TA position with Ms. E. I had to use the chair, which believe me was awkward, especially seeing all my friends and whatnot. I was also Track manager for about a month. The attacks were down to about 1 a day, and I also started seeing Kris. I was having a lot of fugue states during this time because of the meds.

Tori turned 17!
I was pulled off Track for "liability issues" but was still doing okay in school.
The attacks were still one a day about. I had a rough bit at the end of the month with quite a few attacks, 17 in one day, and was worried for a bit that I was going to end up in the hospital again.

We had the WASL.
It was hard on me, and I didn't even attempt Math or Science. I did however do Reading and Writing and passed both portions.
I also met with an Endocrinologist, who more or less told us he couldn't help. Specialists would see the diagnoses of CD and automatically take that in when trying to make a differential, so basically it was making it impossible to get a second opinion.
I was also able to connect with some old friends!

I was able to connect with some peeps who live in wheelchairs, and it really helped me out.
We also looked at a condition called HKPP as a possibility. HKPP is a periodic paralysis condition, so it seemed fitting. We looked at this at the end of May. I also got my purple chair!
And we were looking at houses in case of a potential move.

Ah. June was a big month, and the month I started this blog!
On June 3rd I had my first seizure. It was terrifying, I'm sure for everyone involved. I was actually intubated during an attack because the paramedics were concerned I had lost consciousness after the seizure, and my airway was in apparent danger, so they intubated me! No drugs. One of the most terrifying moments by far. At the hospital I remember waking up to a tube in my throat, one in my nose, multiple needle sticks happening, and to my right, a row of doctors. I was in the hospital overnight. While I was there, and EMG was performed, and it was determine that during an attack my muscles were not paralyzed, and my potassium levels seemed okay, so HKPP wasn't on the board anymore. However, it was decided I needed to start seeing Dr. H. I had 3 more seizures during these first two weeks, and school finally let out.

I started seeing Dr. H, and he surprised us by telling us it was possible I had something other than CD.
We thought we were moving, no dice. I also did a ton of things, like; go in a pool, go to the beach, and went out without family. The attacks were good, still one a day. I stopped the Celexa and started Prozac.

I got onto Starbright World! A blessing definitely.
We knew we were staying and knew we were going to Stadium.
I got to help Ms. E with her room, so I got time without family! This was funn. I also started loosing nails somewhere in here. And I got the donation-to-MB idea.

School. I started the Lamictal, LOTS of attacks. I was also referred to a Cardiologist. I went to see Mamma Mia! with a friend. The cardiologist said my heart was fine, and to look into Cataplexy more. A few ER trips due to fugue states and other issues with the attacks. And a lot of bad bad days.

I stopped the Lamictal. The attacks (frequency and severity) improved rapidly. I was able to stay in school longer and longer each day, but we still had a few terrifying fugue states.
I also started Concerta, which has been amazing!
I qualified for Special Education which has opened so many doors for me.
Things with the attacks were really changing.

I began attending church again. I was doing really, really well with the attacks, and when I did have one it was the first in a month! My grades started improving dramatically. I got to finish my donation project. We dealt with some health issues I had. And things with the house started getting topsy-turvy again.

Grades are awesome, social is mostly awesome. The house business is messed up a ton, we're moving. I'm still improving a ton. We had a lot of snow! I was able to enjoy the holidays with my family while staying awake! I swallowed a sewing needle. <-----Darwin Award


This has been my year!

YAY for 2009!


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