16 December 2008

Tis the season

So you know how its holiday time, and there are a lot of shiny things that kids can put in their mouths, so you have to be careful?

Well, I'm pretty sure my mom taught me that, (not to put things in my mouth that don't belong) and I'm pretty sure I forgot.

Cause I just spent the last 12 hours in the ER then had to have a sewing needle removed from my stomach wall via endoscope.


I was trying to fix the sleeve of my hoodie *again* and miscalculated how much thread I would need. So I had to get a bit more. Now I've played the needle game with my desk, and the desk usually wins. (fake wood grain is AWESOME!) So I stuck the needle in my mouth between my lips for a sec while I got more thread. Then cough, then inhale, then needle down throat.

Then ER, X-Rays, confirmation of my stupidity, little sleep, lots of IV fluids, more X-Rays, sleepy meds, woke up feeling much better!


All the FUN stuff comes to our family.

That was my day and night since last post in a nutshell.

I'm tired, and still feeling a bit crappy, so I'm gonna lay down for a bit.

(maybe later I'll even get gross and post the pics they gave us of the needle.)


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