03 June 2009


Lots of stuff has been going on.

Umm, Friday and Tuesday were both fun, successful days! I didn't go on Monday due to a bad sore throat/fever, which got a bit better yesterday but has now become a bad cough. Good thing I'm staying home anyways.

Today I have to go get some blood drawn for that Lupus test, then we're going to get ID's, (Twinn and I) then, lunch, then Kris.

Now for school updates!

I've got A LOT less work than I thought I did to finish out the first semester of Geometry, and only needed one or two prompts from Mr. D to remember the rules/formulas. I should be able to get that done before the year is out and do second semester Geometry over the summer, then be able to take Advanced Algebra next year.

The rest of my classes are like this.

Independent Study Algebra: On Track

Health 2: After discussing with my teacher, (who saw me come into the room, got this shocked look on his face, then about doubled over laughing, btw) we decided that it was highly improbable that I would be able to finish the semester. So I have to check in every day for attendance reasons, but then I get to use the period for free study.

Geometry: as said above, I'm on track to finish first semester.

Study Skills: Another free study period.

So that's what school looks like for the next 2-ish weeks.

Then summer.

I have no clue what summer holds.....a move, possibly traveling for a diagnosis, possibly getting a puppy to begin training for a service dog, possibly getting a new chair?

Lots of things are up in the air.


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