16 June 2009

Schools out!

*Starts Alice Cooper*

Yup, school is done (for me anyways)

Today was my last day. Tomorrow I'll be stopping in for about 15 minutes to tie up loose ends and finish saying goodbye.


I'm excited for summer, but I'll really miss school.

I'm hoping that this summer I can get through an Internet course or two and earn some more credits.
Saturday was Mom and Bro's B-day.
Bro is now 1/2 as old as Mom, and Mom is twice as old as Bro.

(sorry couldn't help throwing that math problem in)

It was quiet, and Bro and my older sis were both busy. I know my Mom was kinda..sad. She's not used to us kids being SO independent I don't think.


And then last night, instead of church Ms. E came over for dinner and coffee!
That was a blast!
The attacks are still under control. I think...the only one I noticed from this weekend was as we were leaving Fred Meyer's. The security alarms went off because the cashier forgot to remove the security tag off something my older sis bought. I didn't go all the way out, but I did get weak and a bit foggy for a second.

Today I also had a harder time focusing, my brain was foggy. I didn't sleep well last night, because one of my toe nails came off the rest of the way. So that didn't help. And I got up earlier to study for my Geo test (which I rocked, btw)


It's bedtime


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