19 June 2009

Communication with Stanford

Today, after my appointment with Dr. H, we got a call back from Stanford.

We talked a lot but it basically comes down to this. I'll have a blood test to see if the HLA marker is present. If it is, either we'll travel to Stanford, or maybe we'll be able to see a doctor up here who will do the spinal to test the hypocretin levels. My appointment at Stanford isn't until late October, so if we can get these things done before hand, it's much more info before we go. I already have an appointment with Dr. S on Monday for the blood test.


My appointment with Dr. H went well, he agreed to keep me on the same meds, but also lets us know there are a few other drugs out there that might work if we ever want to try them.
When we told him that we had thought about going to Stanford his only question was "When are you going?"


And, we found something else out about why I might be having attacks in the bathroom.
We found out earlier this month that it's not uncommon for people (with N/C) to have episodes while in public bathrooms.

But Dr. H said that there is some reaction that happens (or can happen) when you don't use the bathroom as often, then empty your bladder. He said in normal people it can cause fainting (like, if you didn't use the toilet for 10+ hours, then emptied your bladder, there is a possibility of you fainting.)
He said that it causes a reaction (parasympathetic discharge? reaction?) similar to you laughing. Basically he said it made sense. Only when he said it it was much less complicated =)

BUT, we've found out that if I go more frequently, I haven't been having attacks in the bathroom.

Which means, I need to pee more often basically.

So yeah. Good good.

Umm, I don't think there is anything going on later this weekend.



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