17 June 2009

Bad dream = Foggy day


So after Mom came in and gave me my meds today, I went back to sleep like I do every day.
But instead of sleeping like, an hour more then getting up, I ended up sleeping another 4 hours.

And it wasn't restful sleep at all.

I had a bad dream and a possible attack of sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis is one of the four main symptoms of Narcolepsy, so it isn't odd that I may have had an episode. But I don't often experience sleep paralysis or hypno hallucinations. Most of the time it's just minor EDS and of course Cataplexy.

It was scary. I was sleeping, but not. And I was trying to open my eyes to get away from the situation (the situation I was dreaming, that is) but I couldn't move at all. I couldn't open my eyes....it was like an attack of cataplexy only worse, because I was sleeping.

All in all, it's resulted in a very rough morning, complete with a total brain fog and dizzy spells.

Its not often anymore that this happens but when it does it throws me off.



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