12 June 2009

Okay now this is getting annoying.

I've been relatively fine all week. A few rough coughs but, you know.
Generally okay.

Now though?
Not so much.
Cough, slight temperature, and a general feeling of ickyness.
Allergies suck.

But it's the weekend so hey, it's all good!

Monday will be my last day at school.
I'm sad.
I really, really don't want to be done.
Too many good people, and I felt so welcome there.
I don't know what I'll do if we end up moving and I'm in a new school next year.
I mean, I do know. I'd deal like I always do, but still. I really, really felt great at school...

I felt like I did in 9th grade, before I got sick.
Yeah I had some (okay, a lot) of frustrating days.


I'm gonna miss it if I have to leave.

So any ways. I need to get better before Monday.

And yeah. Oh I got a cute new bed set today.
Just thought I'd share that.

Bye now


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fashionable-exciting-sparkling said...

Hi Bri, Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well. It does sound as though your doing better. I know allergys are a pain. My daughter seems to have grown into allergys instead of out of them and she just had her second child, so she is really having a tough time with it.
How are you doing, now that school is out?
I know you said that your going to miss school, but what do you do for your summer vacation.
I know what you mean about moving.
I moved five times since 1999 and my husband would like to move one more time, we just don't know when.
Just think though if you do move, it may be another adjustment, but you will make more new friends, and you can still keep your old friends, by email, letters or even visits. That could be exciting also.
Bri, Starlight is a wonderful organization and I'm hoping after Fathers Day that I will be visiting the one here in Jacksonville, FL. I'm doing a fundraiser on my blog to help support this great cause. You can read about it on my blog. Perhaps if you want you can leave a comment. I'm sure my readers would interested in hearing from someone who is a part of Starlight and what it has done for you.
You take care for now, and lets keep in touch. Bye for now....l