03 May 2011

Been a while.

Life has caught up with me, or interfered (depending on who you talk to.) Either way I haven't been on here in forever, and for those of you who use this blog to see how I'm doing, I'm sorry.

But, I have some exciting news I wanted to post about!

Later this week I'm meeting with a local school that offers a way for me to get my HS diploma, as well as getting a degree in a field of my choice, but since it's still public schooling, it's free! So we're hoping that program will accept me.

Annnd, I got my Prom dress!!!


This is for Starlight Prom, and it'll be my 3rd year going, (Year 1, Year 2) but my first year I got a gown, so for me, it's like my senior prom =D Plus I won't be using my chair this year at Prom either, because my older brother and his GF are coming with their car, so even were something to happen, it's not a big deal! SO EXCITED!!

That is all.



Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

LMM sent me over to see your beautiful Prom dress. WOW! It is gorgeous! Have you figured out your hair yet? Up or down? If its up then I say just earings. Have a great time at Prom and be sure to post the pictures!

TCahal said...

Hello! I don't know how often you will be checking Little Miss Momma's blog for posters ideas on jewelry so I thought I would post there and here.

First of all GORGEOUS!!! Brianna, you are going to look absolutely stunning at Prom.

Are you going to have a wrist corsage? If so what color? Are you going to be carrying a clutch? If so what color?

Any color corsage and clutch would make this dress pop; however I am leaning more towards a black satin or clutch or a black one that is lightly beaded; sequins just wont do; maybe a black clutch with a bow accent on the front?

For jewelry; if you do plan on carrying a clutch and have a wrist corsage I would do a simple single diamond or possible a three diamond necklace with a pretty pair of chandelier earrings. Do you have a Charming Charlie's near you; they have amazing jewelry at great prices :)

And you can't forget about perfume!! Calvin Cline Euphoria is an amazing scent; so is Dior Addict in the blueish black bottle, wear this all the time and get compliments from men and women alike.

Hope you have the time of your life!! Don't forget to take pictures...lots and lots of pictures :)