12 February 2012

Traveling Red Dress Project

I haven't blogged in AGES. Between school, health, and family...I simply haven't found the time.

I'm doing great in school. I'm doing fine health-wise and though this week has brought some episodes, as Dr. M says "Sometimes life gets hard."

And I'm doing great at home...I'm loving being an Aunty, and I love spending time with my family.

However, what inspired me to write today was none of the above. What inspired me to blog again was the Traveling Red Dress Project, which you can read more about

I want to find a red dress. I want to wear one and go to the park, or school, or the store and JUST LIVE.

I'm not a spontaneous kind of gal. I plan my days very carefully to avoid having episodes or falling asleep in public. Unfortunately, as a dear friend said yesterday, "With Narcolepsy, if you don't plan breaks, breaks plan YOU." And he is so, so right. I need to take some time to myself.

And what better way to do that then with a fantastically absurd red dress??? I don't know.

So here is my hope. That someone, somewhere out there has a red dress that wants to help someone out of their funk, and then I'll do the same!

If any of you have a plus-size dress (like, 20-22) I'd love to wear it and feel pretty and ridiculous and completely free.



1 comment:

REM Runner said...

Great post, Bri!! I think we are both thinking similar things about living a bit on the edge recently! I don't own a red dress myself, but I will be on the lookout now. Thanks for sharing. Keep your head up, lady! You're an inspiration.