21 April 2010

Social Update

So, we're not in the house in Summit yet. Turns out, they needed to fix the septic system, as it hasn't been touched since 1957. But, a new one is finally in, and we're told we'll be signing paperwork on Monday. This is like, the 6 billionth time they've said that, but it sounds like they're for real now.

I've still been getting out. It's been good to have breaks from family, even if only for an hour or so.

Prom is on May 1st!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO excited for this.

Going to Starlight Prom again this year, and I can't wait.

Urm, again, I'm pretty tired, I think this is it.


1 comment:

RedCrow said...

Wow! your prom was really early! mine was the 14th and everybody thought that was still too early! still so fun though XD
hope you had fun too!
that sucks about the septic tank :(