21 April 2010

Health Update

Okay...so, lots since February.

I'm out of my chair in all classes in school. I've been walking around the school for minor trips (across the courtyard, from one side of the school to another, etc.) but still have to use my chair in the hallways.

My sleep schedule was fixed, for a while, but it got screwed up again. When I stay up too late or sleep in, it's just bad for me. I need to get better about regulating it.

As far as episodes go, I've been doing well. I haven't had a full body episode in so long, during the day. I have had some at night, along with a minor increase in sleep paralysis/hallucinations, but it doesn't seem serious, though I'll be bringing it up with my doc.

Emotionally, I've had a few more struggles, but it's for the best. I've been working on leaving counseling, as I've met all my goals again and again. Kris and I see each other once a month now. Between these times, it's gotten tense, and yes, I've had some meltdowns. But at the same time, it's been good. I'm actually learning how to deal with struggles, and have made strides in making Mom and Dad understand where I'm coming from. It's been hard, and sometimes feels like its
2 steps forward, 10 steps back, but I know things are improving.

I've been going on walks more and more. I've gone on 5 unaccompanied walks, 3 of those with Tessie. Mom and Dad have been really cool with it, as long as I check in every 15 minutes, and only go to the library, or they know the route I'll be taking. It's worked so far, and I hope it will stay like this.

Umm...one thing I've noticed more and more lately is that my heart has been giving me some trouble. I don't know how serious it is, and my parents have been a little worried about making a big deal of it, I think because they're wary about going down a huge road of problems again. Every day or so, my heart seems to keep skipping beats. It's extremely unsettling, but I had the school nurse check me out, and she said while I may be experiencing these symptoms, my blood pressure and pulse have been fine and my heart sounds fine (she's checked for the last few days) and it's been on an off, so it probably isn't that serious. Still, I'd prefer to get it checked out, but I was told it's probably best to wait. This is one of those, "Do I rank higher because it's my body, or do they rank higher because it's their insurance" things. Anyways, time will tell with that.

So umm...I think this is it.


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Anonymous said...

hey i came across ur blog and i jus wanted to say hang in there girl :) everything will be ok