21 April 2010

School Update

Okay. Like I said, I've been getting out of my chair in all my classes. Even Geometry hasn't been a problem. I've been filling my water bottle with ice-cold water in the nurse's office before class, so if I get too hot I have a way to cool down.

My classes are all going well. My current grades are....

1) A in Ceramics-love this class, absolutely the best way to start the day.
2) E in Junior English- also love this class, but don't love the way she does grades. She enters assignments before it's due, so it looks like you haven't turned it in. So, my grade, which in all honesty would be like, a C, is currently an E, because of those phantom assignments.
A in Medical Careers-rocking this class.
4) D in US History due to missing work, in the process of fixing this.
5) C+ in Geometry, and this grade is on the rise as my teacher enters back work, so it should be higher in the next couple of days.
6) B- in Biology, which is SO cool!!! Yep, and it's going to be higher for this as well, once I get a 6 point assignment in.

Urm...I think that's it for now...


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