12 February 2010

Social Update

SO, I've been having super loads of fun.

On the 30-31, I went to N's house for a sleepover. SUPER fun.
AND I went Bowling!!! I haven't done this in like, 5 years. AND I went and saw Avatar in 3-D with her. AND, I didn't even bring my chair!!!

So yeah, I had a super good time. I've just been getting out more, for walks, to the store, etc. which is all good for me mentally.

So yup.

I'm gonna lump family into social today.

We put an offer in on a house in Summit, about 15 min. south of here.

It was accepted, and we move in sometime before/maybe slightly after the end of the month.

So. The 2 year wait is finally over. I will have to switch schools, but not until next year. My parents are going to make it happen so Ash and I can continue to come until the year is over.

I'm excited, I like their programs, but I'm also nervous, because it's just one more school.

So yup. That's what's going on!


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