12 February 2010

School Update

So. I have some gooood news!!

I've been getting out of my chair at school!!!

Let me back up to January. Remember I said there had been talk about me getting out because of my CPR cert?

Well, Dr. H wrote a letter saying at my team's (me, my para, the nurse, the teacher) discretion, I could start exiting my chair and moving to a regular desk in classes.

Then my para, PT and I sat down and decided which classes we would start with. Before semester change, it was 1p and 3p. These were my two quietest classes, and the kids were more aware of my condition/why I used the chair. I got my CPR cert no problem episode wise, but was shaking like a leaf nonetheless, because we had to go up in front of the class to perform, and I have TERRIBLE stage fright. I'm not one to perform in front of people without the safety of my desk.

Anyways, that went well. My grades at semester were as follows.

1-P (pass)
2-E (no credit. I need to make up an essay, then I'll get the credit back)
3-A (my rock star class!)
4-C (yay!)
5-C (again, yay!!)
6-E ( no credit, no chance for recovery.)

For 6th period (Sophomore English) I'll need to do credit retrieval. 2nd period's credit retrieval consists of finishing an essay I was gone for at the beginning of the year.

Okay. So then my new classes for second semester, along with if I get out of my chair or not, follows.

1p- Ceramics: Beginner *
2p- Junior English
3p- Medical Careers *
4p- U.S. History
5p- Geometry **
6p- Biology *

*I am getting out of my chair, permission to walk around classroom.
** I am looking at transferring to a desk, will talk about classroom freedom as well later.

Geometry is a very warm classroom because the teacher also does Computer Programing. He uses the comps to teach, which is the best learning method I've encountered when it comes to math, but it means 30+ comps going in an enclosed space, no open windows, and all this equals stress and very hot.

So, for now I may start getting out of my chair to a desk, then if things go well I may be able to walk around the classroom. However, towards summer, the class gets super-hot again, and I may have to return to my chair.

So yeah. That's where we are. Doing super well in my classes!

Stay tuned for a social update!


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