27 December 2009

December Update

Hey all,

Something's been...off. I don't know. I haven't had the motivation to post, even though I've had plenty to post about. Guess I'm just having a bit of a harder time pulling myself out of this funk.

Anyways, we'll do this step by step, like usual.

  • I've chanced meds from Daytrana to Vyvanse. It's an extended release form of Adderall. It's working wonders! I'm able to stay awake during the day, and actually feel awake. The only issues are me not being able to sleep as well, but we'll work on that. I did notice that while on the Vyvanse, because I'm not hungry at all, I've gotten a bit shaky. I just need to keep an eye on what I'm putting in my body, and if it's only a little bit, make sure it's nutritious.
  • Still nothing from Stanford about the LP. I hope that comes soon.
  • I had to fill out a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney yesterday. That was scary, mostly just because I HAD to do one before I turn 18.
  • Also going well. I continued to get out of my chair at lunch, and haven't had any issues.
  • My grades ARE improving, even though the letter grades haven't changed, my percentages have gone up, which is good.
  • I absolutely love my para. She's wonderful. She lets me do my own work, helps if I ask, and keeps me on task, which is something I did need help with. I'm so glad she's going to be working with me all year.
  • I'm turning 18 soon!! on the 6th. I'm so happy/nervous. I'll be a legal adult! OMG.
  • I've been getting out with friends, and doing things. I'm so happy I'm doing things again, it's making me feel more normal lol.
  • I have plans to do things with high school friends. It's a welcome change!
She's doing so well!!! She's adjusted beautifully here. I can't make a move off the couch/chair/bed without her following me. She's still been alerting to my episodes (if they're stress or heat based) but since the meds are working, she's not had as much opportunity to show her stuff.

We've taken her out now many times with me in my chair. After finding the right size leash (3ft) she's able to walk with me without a problem. We still need to work on turning, and I don't think she was taken to pet stores much, as she's still nervous in them, but we're working on it.

Next Friday we're taken her to get groomed and to meet back up with her previous owner for two reasons. So she can see how Tess is doing, and so she can go over all commands Tess knows and make sure I'm doing them correctly. I'm really the one that needs to learn, not Tess.

We won't be able to get her Public Access Tested until May, so she won't be able to come to school with me until next year, so this next year will be spent getting her (and me!) trained correctly.

So yeah. That's most of what has happened in December. I've gotten to go out with friends. I have been out of my chair at school, and been fine. And I have Tessie!!


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